Why Attend?

Why Attend?


Use SAFe to Navigate Next.

SAFe is your roadmap for navigating uncertainty

  • Three-fourths of Fortune 500 CEOs believe this crisis will force them to accelerate their digital transformation.
  • Changing requirements are a fundamental tenet of Agile. Managing variability is a core SAFe principle. SAFe gives you the tools to adapt and thrive in uncertainty.
The Global SAFe Summit condenses years of experience, wisdom, and guidance into two days, so you can accelerate your practices in your own organization. 

Organizations that invest in agility, team development, and training report:

higher profitability*

better ability to meet objectives**

of their agile BUs are performing better than non-agile BUs, since COVID***

No matter where you are on your SAFe journey, the 2020 Global SAFe Summit has something for you

The 2020 Global SAFe Summit will connect with the people, solutions, and ideas to help you navigate what’s next. You’ll hear customers talk about what they did to successfully adapt. And you’ll find strategies, practices, and insights to help you embrace change, achieve your milestones, and prepare for the future.