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Who’s Attending?

Who’s Attending?

A Place for Everyone

People from all corners of the globe will attend the 2020 Global SAFe® Summit to experience everything SAFe, connect with communities of practice, hear customer success stories, and meet our partners that support the Framework. We hope you’ll join us.

The 2019 Global SAFe Summit attracted:

  • Over 2,000 attendees
  • 650 companies from more than 30 different countries
  • 300 Scaled Agile Partners
  • 42 exhibitors
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Who will be at the 2020 Global SAFe Summit?

Members of the SAFe Community

There’s no better place than the Global SAFe Summit to get insights and inspiration from other people with similar challenges. SAFe professionals at our event represent a wide range of industries and disciplines, and attend to build knowledge, advance their career, support their business or enterprise, and make valuable connections.

Scaled Agile Partners

Need some expert support for your SAFe transformation? You’ll find it at the Global SAFe Summit. Scaled Agile Partners provide worldwide expertise and support to organizations looking to improve business outcomes by achieving business agility. Connect with our partners who offer:

  • Training and coaching for all SAFe roles
  • Implementation and consulting services across industries and disciplines
  • Platforms for SAFe automation, visibility, and flow

Enterprise leaders and change agents

Ever wonder how some of the world’s largest enterprises overcome challenges and roadblocks to unlock business results with SAFe? Enterprise leaders and change agents attend the Global SAFe Summit to share their journeys and lessons learned, and hear from their peers in other enterprises.

The best and brightest minds in the industry

SAFe Fellows, SAFe contributors, the Framework team, and the Scaled Agile Learning & Certification team are just some of the experts in the Lean-Agile space who contribute to the success of SAFe. At the Global SAFe Summit, you can connect with all of them to get insights about SAFe, our world-class curriculum, and advice in effectively adapting SAFe to your context. These thought leaders include:

  • Dean Leffingwell, the creator of SAFe and Chief Methodologist
  • The Framework team and methodologists from Scaled Agile
  • SAFe Fellows who provide thought leadership to enterprises and the SAFe community
  • The Learning & Certification team behind Scaled Agile’s extensive and evolving curriculum
  • SAFe contributors who provide content to SAFe’s knowledge base
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