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Alfred Lorber

Alfred is currently an Agile SME in the Corporate PMO (Project Management Office) at Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque, NM with SAFE SPC4, CSM and CSPO certifications.

Alfred has been a practicing Agilists since 2008. Before this, he was a scientific software developer, first for ExxonMobil and then Sandia. At Sandia a project he was on began using Scrum and he became the Scrum Master. Soon after he took on Scrum Master and coaching duties for teams throughout Sandia where he helped teams launch both Scrum and Kanban for projects producing both software and non-software products. In 2015 he became involved in the launch of a large SAFe satellite ground system project with 13 teams and 80 developers. He was part of the rollout team and then moved into the RTE role. During this time he became a SAFe SPC4 and actively promoted Agile within the corporation, including co-founding and co-leading the Sandia Agile CoP (Community of Practice) and the Agile Working Group under the Corporate PMO. Based on the visibility and success of these and other projects, he moved to the Corporate PMO in the newly created role of Sandia Agile SME.

From the very beginning of his Agile journey, he has worked in multiple team rooms and subsequently worked with many teams to design and construct Agile team rooms, with budgets ranging from $5,000 to over $1M.

Alfred has a BS and PhD in Aerospace Engineering from UT Austin and a MS in Aerospace Engineerign from Penn State.

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