Dr. Oliver Seifert

Vice President R&D Electric/Electronics | Porsche AG

After receiving his PhD in Semiconductor Physics, Oliver Seifert began his career as a Software Director at heckel Medizintechnik GmbH. He then moved on to the automotive industry, joining DaimlerCrysler AG in Quality Management.

His journey at Porsche started in 2006 as a Quality Manager for the “Panamera” series. He then took on several director roles in Electric/ Electronics management leading to his current position as Vice President Electric/ Electronics Management.

With his over 15 years proven success, Oliver Seifert is a dedicated leader in Electric/ Electronics, focusing on E-Mobility, connected car and other leading-edge electrical systems, as well as E/E-Architecture and regulatory demands.

He is passionate about bringing technology and the way we work together.

Speaker Session