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The Startling Findings from the Biggest Ever Study into Enterprise Agility

It’s extraordinary how Agile has improved the way we deliver software. Organizations are harnessing the benefits from Agile and SAFe, and so ask the natural next question – can I apply this to the full business? But what does full business agility even mean and what CEO would agree to it if there is no definition and no industry data on the benefits? Over 18 months at PA (A Global Management Consultancy), we worked to address this. We completed the biggest ever survey of Enterprise Business Agility globally. We set out to create a definition that would apply to every department and every person, then prove that it was a more successful way to run an organization. We spoke to over 500 CxOs and senior leaders of large mostly traditional organizations and performed detailed analyses of their business. We were staggered to find how much more successful the organizations that are embracing Enterprise Business Agility really were, and SAFe is the key tool in the journey. Come along to get a proven definition of Enterprise Business Agility, learn how to best engage your CxO team, how to apply SAFe to your whole business, and the remarkable benefits that you’ll get!

Learning Objectives:

  • After attending this session, participants will have a definition of Enterprise Business Agility that is backed up by data. Developing organizations to this definition, is proven to radically improve performance.
  • Using the history of organizations, real examples of organizations that have achieved Enterprise Business Agility, and five easy steps, participants will know how to apply it to their own organizations.
  • By understanding how 500 of the world’s leading CxOs and business leaders responded to us, participants will be able to confidently inspire CxO teams on Agile, SAFe and business agility.

Location: Date: October 2, 2019 Time: 2:05 pm - 2:45 pm Sam Bunting