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LevelUP Cyber Works: Leading the Department of Defense’s Cyber Agile Transformation

Improving innovation and providing regular delivery of value to users is critical for an organization’s strategic advantage in today’s fast-paced, changing technological environments. There are no higher stakes to maintain this advantage than in the United States Military Services. The USAF is committed to tackling this challenge and continues to forge ahead in revolutionizing how they build and deliver mission value. LevelUP Cyber Works is building and delivering software capabilities at the scale and speed of relevance. This is a large, complex system of systems environment requiring teams of Agile teams in a government-lead, multi-contractor environment. This venture is dedicated to building a Unified Platform to enable cyber mission capabilities for United States Cyber Command and the military services to protect the security of the United States, the American people and our families.

To make this vision a reality we have used Scaled Agile Framework to provide the guiding principles and practices that align our teams and stakeholders to a common vision and goals. We will share with you the lessons we have learned along this journey and how we have scaled teams of Agile teams to the Solution Level managing three release trains and numerous suppliers. Our commitment is to continuous improvement through our core values of being bold, acting now and then learn and adapt quickly.

Location: Date: October 2, 2019 Time: 11:15 am - 11:55 am Austen Bryan Suzette Johnson