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Strengthening SAFe’s Use of CoD and WSJF

In this session, Don Reinertsen (author of Principles of Product Development Flow), and Joe Vallone (SPCT/SAFe Fellow), will discuss the current Portfolio level implementation of Cost of Delay as well as WSJF, and suggest ways to improve the economic choices by quantifying impacts in dollars.  A model will be presented and P&L impacts will be analyzed using sensitivity analysis. Those that work (or consult) with Finance, Accounting, LPM or want a deeper dive into CoD and WSJF should consider attending.


Learning Objectives

  • Review the current state of SAFe’s use of CoD and WSJF.
  • Identify some areas where it has not yet achieved its full potential.
  • Proposal some practical ways to strengthen the current approach.
  • Provide some experience-based shortcuts for experimenting with these ideas.

Location: Date: October 3, 2019 Time: 2:15 pm - 3:05 pm Joe Vallone Don Reinertsen