Post-conference Workshops

Post-conference Workshops


Take your learning to the next level with a post-conference workshop

Post-conference workshops $695
Sept. 25 | 8:30 AM – 2:30 PM

Attend the Summit and stay one more day to upgrade your SAFe knowledge. Through our post-conference workshops, you can take a deeper dive into some of the most topical issues relating to the practice of SAFe with the people who created the Framework. Choose from these subject areas:

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Leadership and Culture: Foundations for Business Agility

Lean-Agile Leadership and Continuous Learning Culture are the foundational competencies required to implement SAFe and achieve business agility. A growing body of evidence supports the assertion that successful SAFe transformations emerge when leaders at all levels lead by example in their behaviors and model the mindsets, values, and principles of Lean, Agile, and SAFe. Leaders also create an organizational culture of continuous learning where relentless improvement and innovation are everyone’s responsibility. This workshop describes the insights gained from Scaled Agile’s early experiments in creating a leader development program that equips leaders with the knowledge and tools to master these competencies and build a strong foundation for business agility.

Prerequisites: Basic understanding of SAFe 5.0 and the challenges of leadership and organizational change

Intended Audience: Anyone in a position to lead or influence change connected to a SAFe implementation, at any level (from team to portfolio)

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Enterprise Architecture

In the digital age, realizing business agility requires an enterprise technical strategy that supports near- and long-term business goals. Change, disruption, speed, and emerging opportunities are driving the need for more frequent technology change. Learning organizations must become great at delivering new kinds of technology solutions that are architected to support change at the speed of business, which means that business and IT leadership must change how they think about technology and find better ways to work together. This workshop provides an overview of the Feld Group’s process for developing and implementing a continuous roadmap of enterprise architecture to SAFe portfolios, eliminating the blind spot between business and IT.

Prerequisites: None

 Intended Audience: IT and software development leaders and practitioners, System, Security, and Enterprise Architects

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Organizational Agility

Organizational Agility is a critical competency that supports business agility—ensuring that the enterprise can respond to the challenges and opportunities that today’s rapidly changing markets present. This competency describes how Lean-thinking people and Agile teams across the organization optimize their business processes and evolve strategy with clear and decisive new commitments. This workshop will share techniques and approaches to successfully identify, launch, and integrate teams from across the business into the value stream. You’ll take away recommendations to optimize business operations, alongside practices to improve strategy agility, in order to continuously sense and adapt to market dynamics.

Prerequisites: Basic understanding of SAFe 5.0

Intended Audience: Anyone supporting the wider adoption of SAFe across the enterprise

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DevSecOps: Ensuring Endemic Application Security in Your Continuous Delivery Pipeline

DevOps is more than just Dev and Ops working together and it’s far more than code to deployment. DevOps is a comprehensive strategy of moving from idea to market in the shortest sustainable lead time. This requires a commitment to embedding application security throughout the process. Just like code quality, you can’t add security at the end. This is such an important topic that many now consider ‘DevSecOps’ to be the right framing for their DevOps initiative. In this workshop, you’ll understand what it means to embed security considerations in your Continuous Delivery Pipeline and explore some of the tools and techniques enterprises are using to address the existential threat of security, while still moving new ideas to market faster than ever before.

Prerequisites: Basic understanding of DevOps

 Intended Audience: Developers, Product Managers and Product Owners, IT and software development leaders and practitioners, System, Security, and Enterprise Architects

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Applied Design Thinking in SAFe: Building Products Customers Love

Design thinking represents a profoundly different approach to product and solution development, in which divergent and convergent techniques are applied to understand a problem, design a solution, and deliver it to market. Additionally, design thinking inspires new ways to measure success: Is it desirable—do customers and users want the solution? Is it feasible—can we deliver the right solution through a combination of build, buy, partner, or acquire endeavors/activities? Is it viable—can we build and offer a solution that creates more value than cost? Is it sustainable—are we designing and managing for the expected, full product-market lifecycle? In this workshop, you’ll learn how to apply design thinking in SAFe to address all these aspects and better develop products and services your customers will love.

Prerequisites: None

Intended Audience: Developers, Product Managers, Product Owners, and others who focus on building products for end users

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Agile for Business Teams

Business agility requires that everyone needed to create business solutions—not just developers—works in Lean-Agile ways. In this workshop, we’ll explore the evolution process for a business team on its journey to agility. We’ll discuss how to work as an Agile team, how to join the value stream, and how to specialize the principles and practices of the specific discipline to work in a more Agile way as well as support other Agile teams.

Prerequisites: None

Intended Audience: Business leaders, change agents, practitioners on business teams, and others who have a role in creating business solutions outside of development

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