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Post-conference Workshops


Maximize your time at the SAFe Summit with a post-conference workshop

Post-conference workshops
Oct. 4 | 8:30am – 2:30pm

Attend the Summit and stay a day to upgrade your knowledge of SAFe. The Summit’s post-conference workshops provide you with a rare opportunity to take a deep dive into some of the most topical issues relating to the practice of SAFe with the people who created the Framework. Choose from these subject areas:

    • Prioritizing Portfolio Investments
    • Accelerate your Business Agility
    • Lean Agile Leaderships
    • Advanced DevOps
    • Building Really Big Systems with SAFe
    • Troubleshooting SAFe Implementations

Space is limited so reserve your spot today for one of these educational sessions!

Accelerate Your Business Agility

The Lean Enterprise is a thriving digital age business that delivers competitive systems and solutions to its customers in the shortest sustainable lead time. In this workshop, you will learn how to assess how well an organization is progressing on its road to business agility. Learn how to analyze your current situation and make improvements that result in better business and technical outcomes.

Prerequisites: Certified SPCs Only.

Intended Audience: Certified SPCs who are interested on taking organizations to the next level of success and business agility.

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Lean Agile Leadership

Leadership is the foundation of the five core competencies of the lean enterprise. SAFe implementations depend on lean-thinking manager-teachers who drive Lean and Agile mindsets and SAFe principles. They have the knowledge of SAFe and the best practices of organizational change needed to lead the transformation to a new way of working for the enterprise. Lean-Agile leaders also recognize the science that connects specific leader competencies to employee engagement and ownership of change. This track explores topics designed to equip leaders at all levels to model the mindsets, behaviors, and practices that are critical to the successful implementation of SAFe.

Prerequisites: Basic understanding of SAFe and the challenges of organizational change driven by the adoption of Lean-Agile and DevOps.

 Intended Audience: Anyone in a position to lead or influence change connected to SAFe implementation, at any level (from team to portfolio)

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Prioritizing Portfolio Investments

How do we build the right things at enterprise scale? Perhaps the largest decision every enterprise faces is how to define and sequence the larger initiatives to produce the maximum economic benefit. In this LPM workshop, attendees will bring their real-life initiatives and explore how to create Strategic Themes and Epics, how to draft an Epic Hypothesis statement, how to identify and define a Minimal Viable Product, and how to use the information to prioritize and select portfolio investments that will deliver the greatest economic benefit.

Prerequisites: Basic understanding of SAFe

 Intended Audience: Leaders and executives, Product and Solution managers, Enterprise architects, PMO, LACE

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Advanced DevOps

SAFe’s DevOps and Release on Demand competency provides the enterprise with the capability to release value, in whole or in part, at any time necessary to meet market and customer demand. Driving this competency are technical practices that can accelerate product delivery and improve product quality by orders of magnitude. This hands-on workshop presents specific architecture, development, testing, operations, and security practices that exemplify the DevOps mindset and implement the Continuous Delivery Pipeline. Participants will practice these techniques in a collaborative setting and generate sample artifacts, code, tests, scripts, and metrics they can apply to their real-world pipelines.

Prerequisites: Familiarity with basic DevOps concepts and working knowledge of the SAFe Continuous Delivery Pipeline.

 Intended Audience: Development managers and leaders, developers, architects, and all members of an Agile Release Train and the shared services teams that support them.

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Building Really Big Systems with SAFe

As organizations build and deploy ever-larger applications—in increasingly complex, connected, and unpredictable environments—systems and software engineers, architects, designers, developers, testers, and others face even more significant challenges. These solutions often require multi-year roadmaps, coordinate multiple ARTs and suppliers, meet regulatory compliance, and address hardware and other long lead-time items. SAFe’s Business Solutions and Lean Systems Engineering competency defines eight practices that provide guidance applying SAFe and Lean-Agile principles when building these systems. This workshop explores those eight practices through collaborative exercises and discussion.

Prerequisites: Prior knowledge of SAFe and experiences with large solution challenges.

 Intended Audience: Anyone contributing to the development of large IT and cyber-physical systems.

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Troubleshooting SAFe Implementations

SAFe is not a trivial framework, and experience has shown that not every implementation realizes the full business benefits others successfully achieved. This workshop shows you how to use Essential SAFe as a diagnostic tool to find and address the root causes of current problems so that every business can achieve the full business benefits of its technology investment.

Prerequisites: SAFe Program Consultant (SPC) certification, SAFe Agilist (SA) certification, and/or significant SAFe implementation experience

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